Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Second Guessers Anonymous

To my consternation, I must admit that I have carried on a particular trait of my father’s – one that tended to frustrate the bejebbers out of me growing up. When I turn something over to someone else to get done, once that project is handled, I tend to throw cold water on their accomplishment by ‘second guessing’ what was done.
“Why didn’t you do it this way?” “Did you consider that when working on it?” “I probably would have handled it this way . . .”
I’ve turned the issue over to someone else to handle; if I didn’t consider them capable of handling it, I wouldn’t have done so in the first place; it relieves me of the burden . . . So why do I proceed to ‘second guess’ what they’ve done?
This same tendency often follows me into my dealings with God, as well. Such ‘second guessing’ of God was certainly evident at a recent gathering I attended.
A friend invited me to participate in a discussion of a ministry opportunity that God laid on his heart. My friend had spent months in study, meditation, and prayer to confirm God’s plan. So, he laid out where God was leading him to a few of us.
We started with a couple of hours of making lists, drawing charts, and listening to one guy say, “Have you considered . . .?” While another guy pointed out, “Perhaps it could be done like . . .” And still another chimed in, “You ought to look at . . .” And then one man stood up and said (basically): “Gentlemen – we need to shut up. It’s obvious that he has turned this over to God and that God has given him a plan. We need to put our agendas aside and support him. If it’s God’s plan, can we improve it?”
Whoa. My natural inclination would be to get offended and defensive. However, everyone in that room knew that he was right. He spoke out of love and he spoke the truth. And it was obvious that he had more faith in God’s ability to handle the issue than the rest of us put together.
We like to echo the sentiment “Let go and let God,” but what we often mean is “Give it to God – but be there to give God some guidance and assistance and be prepared to take over when things take a turn.” That’s second guessing. That’s a lack of faith.

Do you ask God for help?
Do you truly give Him your burdens and your hurts?
Is your God big enough to handle what you take to Him?
Do you really trust God with whatever issues you have?
Do you believe that God loves you and that He knows best?

I second guess others because I think I know the best way. I second guess others because I want them to do things my way. I second guess others because (deep down) I’m afraid they’ll screw it up.
But does any of that apply to God? Of course not.
There is absolutely no room for second guessing God. "I do have faith! Please help me to have even more." (Mark 9:24, CEV)

Trying to trust more,
Craig Hollingsworth

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